Cleaning of Solar Panels and PV Power Plants



When solar panels are dirty, their efficiency can be reduced by up to 48%. Our process involves inspecting the panels as well as the area underneath them and cleaning them with a specialized water-fed pole brush. We use only demineralized water, which soaks up dirt and prevents streaks.

Whether your home or commercial property has roof mounted, ground mounted or solar canopies, we can clean your solar panels and have them performing efficiently for years to come

How to protect your investment and keep money in your pocket?

Solar panels are exposed to the outdoor elements, and we all know things left outside get dirty, and Solar panels are no exception. Solar panels start to collect dust, oil, pollen, bird droppings, grime build-up and other debris. The less sunlight that's absorbed by the panels, the less solar energy is produced. Increase your solar panels' efficiency by up to 42%. With 2-4 cleaning a year, keep money by having your panels producing optimal energy and performing at peak potential.

Warranty void

Don't take a chance with having your solar panel's warranty void due to using hard water. Hard water can damage your solar panels over time. Pure demineralized water is used for solar panel cleaning, chemical and detergent—free.





Should you clean your solar panels?

The very easy answer is absolutely yes. Having your solar panels professionally cleaned and maintained regularly is essential to keeping your system performing at peak potential for the life of the solar panels.

How often do I need to clean my solar panels?

You should have your solar panels cleaned at a minimum of 2-4 times a year, depend on your area. Geographical location is a big factor in how frequently your solar panels need to be cleaned.

Can I clean my solar system by myself?

Never clean your solar panels yourself. We have specific protocols when performing solar panels cleaning. There are a lot of safety risk when climbing on a ladder and climbing onto a roof. Same when you are in an area with a hundred panels. We have the proper tools, methods, and equipment to get the job done safely. You should never use tap water to clean your solar panels. In some areas, the TDS levels in tap water are extremely high. The most of So Cal have TDS levels as high as 500 ppm, which is extremely high and can cause damage to your panels. We use pure demineralized filtered water to clean.

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