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Better Sleep on the mattress professionally cleaned and sanitized by Clean Nett Riviera

A good mattress can be a significant investment, so this means you want it to last as long as possible, staying fresh and looking good as the day you bought it.

Since you use your mattress every day, it can be one of the least clean items in the house. Dead skin cells, oils, dust and sweat all find their way into the fibers of the mattress and, without being cleaned, will stay there. We believe a clean mattress is an essential part of a happy and comfortable home. Mattresses keep all smells and can be the reason to have an odor in the room.

Twice a year is the standard recommendation when it comes to how often you should clean your mattress, flipping it over when you do. However, with mattresses becoming more advanced, modern and expensive, it is not always easy to give a mattress an effective clean using normal household equipment.

Clean Net Riviera mattress cleaning steps:

  1. Our mattress cleaning service begins with our technicians thoroughly inspecting mattress condition. They will look at the fabric type, color, and age of the mattress to determine the best approach.
  2. Then, they will spot treat any areas on your mattresses that look like they need extra attention.
  3. After spot treating, the deep cleaning begins. Our upholstery cleaning tool injects hot water and our cleaning solution into the mattress fiber to release dirt deep within the upholstery.
  4. Then, it extracts the water with powerful vacuum to remove the dirt.
  5. Finally, we will inspect your mattress with you to make sure you’re happy with your results.
  6. Your upholstery will be dry within hours. We will give you recommendation about that process.




How Long Will It Take My Mattress To Dry?

Your specific upholstery fabric will determine which cleaning method we use. While the cleaning method along with optional protector application determines the drying time, typical dry time ranges from 3-8 hours. That will depend on season, room air flow, air humidity, but the most important factor is the power of the machine vacuum.


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