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house and villa cleaning


Cleaning Service for Luxury Homes and Villas

We know that every home is different and has specific accommodations and routines. All of our team members are experienced and fully trained to clean your home the best way, taking into consideration your surroundings and lifestyle, to make you feel as if you have cleaned yourself, but without the hassle!

You can book your cleaning service easily, just in a few clicks. Our online system is fast and practical, so you don’t have to worry about calling. Choose between a single time cleaning or a recurring cleaning for a more low price (you can pick weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly packages).

Home and Villa Services Cleaning and polishing of all furniture and equipment.

    • Machine washing of soft floors and upholstered furniture.
      Washing windows with a special system of soft demineralized water, joinery, shop-windows and facades.
      Cleaning metal and textile blinds.
      Cleaning doors, windowsills, sockets, keys, heaters.
      Complete hygienization of sanitary units using highly aggressive detergents.
      Dusting the entire equipment.
  •            Swimming pool maintenance
      Machine cleaning, washing, and polishing of hard floors and more:

Please see our services for more:

We apply the latest technology and constantly improve our equipment, to be a step ahead of the rest in the field and provide our Clients with the best quality for their money. If you trust us, we will make sure that your office or working environment is healthy and cozy.



Are BIO detergents harmless?

Bio detergents are extremely beneficial for every household, especially those with family members suffering from asthma, eczema, allergies etc., as well as those with young children. Another positive quality of bio detergents is that they are absolutely harmless, and you don't need to worry about children's health if they decide to help with cleaning the furniture, floor, sink, or windows.

What are the benefits of the machine cleaning?

Machine cleaning improves your living environment. It ensures a better cleaning of all types of surfaces and guarantees achieving a cozy and healthy environment.

Environmentally-friendly detergents?

BIO cleaning uses detergents that are less harmful to humans and the environment compared to traditional detergents. Further development of dust and bacteria is also reduced by the use of various tools and practices. The biodegradable formula of detergents and their packaging ensures good environmental protection.

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