Hard Floors Cleaning and Sealing


Both soft and hard floors /terracotta, faience tile, marble, granite, etc./ need an occasional professional deep cleaning.
Generally, they are cleaned with a cloth, which is considered sufficient.

In time, the grout between tiles collects deposits, lending an overly untidy and repulsive outlook to hard surfaces. We pay special attention when cleaning grout, since clean tiles with dirty grout are not a job well done.

What method do we use to clean floors?
A pre-spray, a special high-quality detergent, which is left on the surface for 10-15 minutes and with its unique action disintegrates all dirt, fat, and deposits. A powerful method, whereas hot water at 95C is sprayed under high pressure 1200 psi and thus removes dirt, kills bacteria; meanwhile the machine uses strong vacuum to collect the water and detergent, after which your tiles will look as new as the way they were on the first day after they were installed. We do not move dirt to a different place, we remove it from the affected area forever.



What new services does CLEAN NETT RIVIERA?
Your tiles are cleaned and looking like new, but grout needs special protection, to preserve its clean state for longer. We apply a special emulsion /seal/ on already cleaned grout using a “magic stick”, which applies a polymer emulsion with a roller only on the grout. So the already treated grout becomes fresh and keeps the good look for much longer; and then again, cleaning by popular and familiar methods is generally extremely easy.
The benefits of grout protection:
Grout looks like new for a long period /1-3 years/, which gives the entire room a clean look.
Protects grout from accumulating dirt and fat.
Reduces the number of thorough cleans, which saves you time and money.
If you accidentally spill a colored liquid on the floor, it doesn't soak into the grout, it will not affect its color and removal will be easy—with a sponge or a cloth.
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