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Did you know carpets lose up to 3% of their color each year? Color Cleans or Carpet Color Enhancement is the perfect solution for commercial and residential owners.

With regular maintenance and annual professional cleaning, they will last in great condition for over 15 years. Professional carpet cleaning helps remove accumulated germs, dust, and grime from the base and fibers of the carpets, and it is an essential step to increase carpet life.

However, with the many advantages of having carpets such as sound control, warmth, and elevated decor comes a few disadvantages. One of them being color loss.

Carpets lose up to 3% of its color every year

Color loss in carpets can be caused by natural or chemical factors. Natural causes include high sun exposure and chemical color losses are due to chemicals used for cleaning and maintenance.

Clean Nett Riviera offers the perfect solution to ensure that your old carpets look new and rejuvenated at all times with our remarkable color cleans.

Good as new?

Color Clean is an exceptional way of adding the lost color back to the carpets whilst they are being cleaned – ensuring they look as good as new, irrespective of how old they are. They instantly uplift the entire decor, making your home or a particular room look very well maintained and put together.

The terms color clean and full carpet dyeing are used interchangeably in some situations. Full Carpet Dyeing and Color Clean/Restoration adopt different procedures in terms of dye applications.

Full Carpet Dyeing includes a change of color in most scenario, whereas color cleans is adding back a small percentage of dye to clear water whilst cleaning to restore lost color.




Do I Need to throw my lovely carpet and buy a new one?

High quality carpet can be restored like new with Our color restoration methods, so you can keep luxury rugs and natural carpets for a long time without compromise of colors, freshness etc.

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