Special services


BIO Cleaning

“BIO cleaning preserves human health, meanwhile reducing the harmful effect on the environment", says ProClean Service. Its aim is to protect the health of the building's residents, its visitors and the people maintaining the building, by eliminating air and water contamination. In the last 20 years, a focal point in the cleaning industry has been finding new ways "to do more with less".

Are BIO detergents harmless?

Bio detergents are extremely beneficial for every household, especially those with family members suffering from asthma, eczema, allergies etc., as well as those with young children. Another positive quality of bio detergents is that they are absolutely harmless and you don't need to worry about children's health if they decide to help with cleaning the floor, sink or windows.

Machine cleaning

Machine cleaning improves your living environment. It ensures a better cleaning of all types of surfaces and guarantees achieving a cozy and healthy environment.

BIO detergents

The BIO detergents we use clean and disinfect as well as conventional detergents do. Unlike traditional detergents, the "green" ones do not affect the quality of air in the room and do not harm your health, that of your family, employees, and clients.

Environmentally-friendly detergents!

BIO cleaning uses detergents that are less harmful to humans and the environment compared to traditional detergents. Further development of dust and bacteria is also reduced by the use of various tools and practices. The bio-degradable formula of detergents and their packaging ensures good environmental protection.

Ozone generator

A project for the purchase of cutting-edge professional ozone generator is under way.