The latest trend encourages companies to deal with their own needs for cleaning. Assigning this cleaning task to professionals may reduce costs, and also guarantees that it will be performed in accordance with the corresponding established standards and using high-quality products.
Clubs showing a lack of attention to cleaning can prevent new members from joining. When clients are confronted with odors in the dressing room, bad hygiene in sanitary units and in the main hall with training equipment, they will decide not to come back as members.
We know that cleaning gyms or fitness centers requires a different strategy and solutions from those for cleaning of other professional spaces and commercial cleaning.
Everyone who has been to a sports facility can imagine the cleaning-related problems due to transit passing of people and the physical activity performed there. These structures are above all large centers with aggregations of people and maintaining hygiene in them is indeed a challenge for cleaning companies.
There are many factors to be taken into account: specific surfaces to be maintained, a high level of limescale contained in thermal waters, disinfection of areas used by hundreds of people putting their skin in direct contact with surfaces.
There are also specific critical areas (common showers, dressing rooms...), which, if not treated correctly, can cause hygiene problems that will have a negative effect on the clients' opinion regarding the facility, and this will also create a negative attitude, which is bad for business.
CLEAN NETT RIVIERA offers you professional help to deal with your problems and provides you a solution. We will help you by taking into account your needs and using specialists as well as a set of professional technologies and equipment.
Our specialists know the necessary types of cleaning solutions which will help remove unsightly stains, mold or harmful bacteria found in gyms. If not discovered, mold and harmful bacteria can have a negative effect on the respiratory systems of gym members causing long-term damage. Professionals know how to deal with the removal of these types of mold and harmful bacteria.




Pools require a large investment of time and money from the owner. Every pool owner must have an extremely serious attitude toward the question of servicing and maintenance of their pool, including cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool, maintenance of the filtration system for purification of the water in the pool, chemical treatment, and other procedures. As we know, water has the propensity to go bad in time, gradually turning the pool it fills into a swamp where algae and all kinds of bacteria and parasitic organisms causing diseases proliferate. Activities against contamination in pools include procedures for purification and disinfection using special chemical preparations for pools. Misty water and the loss of shine can be caused by incorrect chemical balance or by fine residue in the pool's water.
It is important to realize that regular servicing and maintenance of the pool not only keeps the water, walls and bottom, as well as the area around the pool clean, protecting the health of people using the pool, but also helps avoid heavy and expensive repairs of the pool and its equipment by extending the life of the pool and accordingly, the time for its use. Pool cleaning includes:
- Initial or maintenance, seasonal or year-round thorough cleaning of the pool;
- Prevention of the filter system, activating the system and maintenance;
- Checking the levels of PH and chlorine in the pool;
- Adding the necessary quantities of chemicals in the pool to maintain the necessary hygiene;
- Cleaning the water from leaves, insects, sand, etc.;
- Cleaning the floor around the pool;
- Cleaning the walls and bottom with a brush;
- Cleaning the filter system and filter containers;
- Draining the water and covering the pool with a cover or preparing it for winter by leaving a certain amount of water with chemicals in the pool;

Analysis of water in the Pool:

Test the water in the pool for chlorine, PH, alkalinity and calcium hardness. The two most likely reasons for muddy water (from a chemical point of view) are PH and calcium hardness. If the pool's chemical levels are not within the following ranges, regulate the chemicals and the filtering system of the pool for 12-24 hours before testing again. - Free chlorine: 1.3 ppm - PH: 7.2-7.6
- Total alkalinity: 90-120
- Calcium hardness: 200-350 ppm
If stable chlorine levels cannot be maintained in the pool without anomalies for at least three consecutive days, this means that there may be a problem requiring special attention, and it should be solved before it gets worse. If the PH level is outside limits, add accordingly a solution for reducing or increasing the water's PH.
There are many reasons for the water in the pool to be muddy: algae may grow, environmental issues, such as frequent rain, lack of sunlight on the pool, insufficient time for water filtration, etc. Eliminating these reasons is an important factor in maintaining the water in the pool clean. At the start of the warm season, regardless how the pool was prepared for winter, an initial cleaning must be performed. All maintenance methods later may turn out unnecessary, if no precise cleaning is performed. These and other indicators of the water and the equipment's operation should be watched by pool maintenance and servicing specialists.




Hygiene in SPA establishments must be at an exceptionally high level providing an atmosphere of maximum calm and cleanliness, allowing for full relaxation of body and soul.
CLEAN NETT RIVIERA will develop hygiene systems and programs individually for you. With them you will achieve perfect hygiene in your center. We offer highly effective and environmentally-friendly professional tools for:
- Hygiene of common surfaces and premises;
- Hygiene of specific surfaces;
- Hygiene and disinfection of sanitary units;
- Hygiene and disinfection of pools and water facilities;